About Us

For over 25 years the Riverside Medical Clinic Foundation (RMCF) has been dedicated to “Better Health Through Education.”

Our Mission:

Riverside Medical Clinic Foundation is dedicated to improving health in our Inland Empire community through education at the individual, professional and community level.


It is our philosophy that vital and pertinent medical information should be made available to the general public through a regular, planned schedule of communication utilizing lectures, seminars, forum discussions, testing programs, and publications.


  • To alleviate human suffering and distress;
  • To better and improve mankind;
  • To establish a center or centers for dissemination of knowledge regarding medicine, health, and a means for improving the health and well-being of the public;
  • Further by publication, and teaching the knowledge of diseases of the human body, and the application of such knowledge to the prevention and treatment of these diseases;

Core Principles

  • Education of individual and community-prevention of disease and promotion of wellness
  • Education of health professionals-support high quality interdisciplinary culturally sensitive workforce
  • Diversity in our programs
  • Leverage resources through community collaboration and partnership
  • Annual Forum for unique Health Care Issues affecting the Inland Empire
  • Continuously assess and improve Foundation performance in meeting its missions